The Beauty and the Beast now live in Silicon Valley

The name of the Beast is Abhishek Gattani. Born and brought up in India. This is what he looks like.abhishek-gattani

This is who Beauty is:

(quoting from

“At Apple, Neha Rastogi worked on everything from Siri to FaceTime to Maps, sometimes seated beside Steve Jobs himself. She is clearly brilliant and dedicated as well as passionate about the happy interface between technology and the public.”

This is what he did to Beauty (quoting from the same article)

“No, no, no,” he says. “When did I say that’s a bug? We talked about bugs right? Is it getting very difficult for you to focus? You really do need help. You need me to take another step and come to you. You need help?”

“You don’t want to get beaten up?” he asks. “Then control yourself.”

……Then comes the first thwak.

“… Would you keep that link, or would you remove it? Tell me…” Then comes a second thwak.

Beauty is secretly recording this on her phone because in a he said she said, she knows it is HE said and she said……( remember how many women had to come forward to counter the one male voice of Bill Cosby ?? Fifty seven).

By her account, at this point he is again pulling her hair with both hands, causing her to cry out in apparent pain. He hits her eight times during this one episode.

Using the same hands that he would never dare to use for anything in office except to shake hands, perhaps pat someone on the back, because he knows that if he did, he would certainly be punished, probably by the one he hits as well as by the system which takes assault on a man far more seriously than on a woman.

I just could not even bear to read the entire transcript, let alone watch the video of the assault. And for his behaviour, this is what he gets:

The CEO of a Silicon Valley startup captured on video beating his wife and threatening to kill her is, due to an offered plea deal, likely to spend less than 30 days behind bars to avoid being deported. The charge of “offensive touching” that will see Abhishek Gattani spend as little as 13 days in jail, with the rest of his six-month sentence carried out by doing weekend work.”

Fortunately Beauty has finally separated from the Beast and the divorce proceedings are on. She also made it known that she is offended by the current charge of ‘offensive touching’.

“‘Misdemeanor—offensive touching’? I didn’t even need to look this one up, as it made me laugh when then I realized that I was laughing at myself, I was the joke here,” she said in her statement. “‘Offensive touching!!!’ Please explain me is it offensive touching when a 8 month pregnant woman is beaten and then forced to stand for the entire night by her husband, is it offensive touching when a women is flung to the floor and repetitively kicked in her belly ?”

Which is the system that failed Beauty ? Was it only the justice system ? Or was it also the social system ? That asks Beauty to always be submissive, look beautiful, obey, hold it all together, tolerate, adjust, let it go, these things happen, everyone deals with it, don’t worry, why trouble your parents over such small matters, at least he doesn’t sleep around, at least he provides well, just carry on for the sake of the children ?


Was it the parenting systems that say ‘oh boys will be boys.’ ?

After all they have to be the Beast when they grow up so some un- suspecting Beauty will sacrifice everything to come and love with him and the focus of her entire existence will be to make him happy and try to release the Prince hidden inside.

You know what ?! We have been telling our kids this story a## backwards this whole time.

The reality is that Beauty (why is she not called Brainy or Badass or Happy ? ) actually marries a Prince. And THEN the hidden Beast is unleashed, especially when they are in private, when no one can hear her scream.


If Beauty cannot speak up, talk to her and ask how you can help. But don’t put her in danger by confronting the Beast. There is a 70 times increase in death of women within the first few weeks of reporting the abuse.

Don’t ask ‘why doesn’t she leave’.The answer is almost always ‘for the sake of the children’……..


There are helplines in every country. Call one on her behalf and find out what is the best way to help. Here is a helpful link for India:

So, keep your eyes and ears open.  The Beast is a shape shifter. He knows how to hide in Prince’s clothing. He could be living right next door, if not closer….



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