Why don’t girls understand it ???

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Gangaram: Kya Sitaram bhai, these Benaras Hindu University girls are doing so much ghotala and protest and all?? See what the paper says:

A student of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) was on her way back to the hostel from the department when she was stopped and harassed by some unidentified individuals inside the campus. She immediately reached out to the security personnel posted nearby and of course they refused to help and instead told her that it was her fault as she was roaming around on the road after dark. (DUH ! ) 

The incident happened around 6 pm in the evening. She went back to her hostel and shared her plight with her fellow students. The students decided to complain to the Dean of Student, but there also the girls were turned away saying that it was their problem and they need to be careful and not be outdoors after dark.


How many times and in how many ways we have been telling them for the last thousand years that they are not our equals?!! And that too in Benaras, the holy city for Hindus and the ruling party at least they should behave themselves.

Lower their eyes, stay quiet, obey and be good little Hindu girls who will marry a man of their parents’ choice, never protest against marital rape so that the institutions of our country stay strong, produce only sons so we are not forced to beat them up using hockey sticks or pour acid on them to teach them a lesson .http://metro.co.uk/2017/07/17/woman-beaten-by-in-laws-with-a-hockey-stick-for-giving-birth-to-a-girl-6784313/


But STILL these %$#@ Samajhti hi nahin!!

Sitaram:  Haan, bhiayya. In many countries we  didn’t give them the vote, here we took away right to property, we denied them admissions to medical colleges, we refused contraception so they couldn’t enjoy sex without getting pregnant and having babies, we didn’t fund child care so if they had kids or sex they could not be employed, even if they did get employed–we paid them less than men for the same jobs and we didn’t give paid maternity leave.

We didn’t give them any reservations in politics or education, we shut down libraries for their own safety, we make them wear full length clothes, even scarf and burkha, we kill them for speaking up or stepping out, we stop them from wearing jeans, using mobile phones, earning money, but STILL these goddam girls NEVER UNDERSTAND !!!https://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2014/10/sexism-and-gender-discrimination/

(as an aside—arre Lakhan ki ma , kahan mar gayi ?? Chai to le ayo)



Nandlal: Even though they top all academics, we make sure they stay out of the workforce. We invented the glass ceiling, the stilettos, the burkhas, the fairness creams, vaginal tightening creams, underarm whitening creams, kept them busy with their hair and the products, changed fashion 4 times a year to keep them busy and spend their money. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/More-women-study-medicine-but-few-practise/articleshow/50525799.cms


We stalk them, beat them up, rape them, gang rape them, in public, set them on fire, throw them out of the house, kill them, abuse them, but like cockroaches they rise.http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/24-year-old-woman-gangraped-panchayat-orders-gangrape-uttar-pradesh-revenge-by-in-laws/1/296827.html



Laxmiprasad: We have explained to them again and again that rape is caused by chowmein, by short skirts, by going out at night, by talking English, but they keep saying teach the boys not to rape. What nonsense?! After all boys will be boys….


Remember that stupid girl who was out at night in the bus ? We called her Nirbhaya just to keep all those crazy protesting women quiet. We managed to not spend any of the money we promised hahaha. Women’s safety?! They should just stay at home were they belong.


We also send out and laugh at and share sexist jokes and cartoons by the millions, cos come on, of course they are funny!! So many women also find them funny! Women and girls are basically funny anyway, when they are not being stupid or bitchy. They are HILARIOUS. Always assuming they matter or that they should have opinions or get respect or appreciation or have the right to decide what to wear and where to go. Morons. Hahahaha.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2341957/Mother-killed-Indian-mob-daughter-refused-stop-wearing-jeans.html


Durgaprasad: Ya, so we let them have one mothers’ day and one goddess festival a year but then we allow them to die like flies while giving birth. http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/health/5-women-in-india-die-every-hour-during-childbirth-who-2856975/

We have sex too but only they get pregnant and we don’t care if they have to ‘’manage’ it somehow. If one wife dies we can always get another ! Maybe she will bring a bigger dowry and also have a son.http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/unsafe-abortions-killing-a-woman-every-two-hours/article4686897.ece


Devilal: So, why don’t they get it??? They are secondary, unequal, useless, worth nothing but causal sex for men’s pleasure, to be underpaid or even better unpaid child rearers, take up jobs that men would never want to do because they are boring as shit or underpaid as crap.

They think they are equal citizens of this country and the elected officials will speak up on their behalf and ensure justice and freedom and dignity and rights ??! Hahahah. Idiots.



Oh well, who cares why they don’t get it. It’s literally their funeral.


Ari o Ram ki Ma, it’s time for dinner woman, get it ready quickly!


Can’t you see we are all hungry after a hard day’s work??



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