The Summer of ’69.

Today is 1st November 2069.

We welcome you to the 50th anniversary of what came to be known in the history of the planet as the Global Tipping Point.

It was in the year 2019.

After more than 2000 years of religions, 200 years of slavery, racism, colonialism and capitalism, war and disaster, it seemed as though every single person rose up to demand justice and equality.

Some say the tidal wave started with the #metoo campaign.

me too

It was triggered off by a terrible and terribly long saga of sexual assault and exploitation of white women in Hollywood but soon snowballed into an utter shock and distress at the treatment of women of all colours and class simply because they happened to be the ‘ wrong gender’.

Then the coloured men, people with alternate sexual and gender identity, everyone from the  global south, people with disabilities, ‘lower’ caste groups,  absolutely every vulnerable group seemed to be punching the air and shouting in anger at the suffering and injustice of centuries. And the collapse of the systems was a beauty to behold.

how i will change

So we hear from the brave and intelligent people of the decade that followed. Who interviewed and analysed and recorded everything manually and digitally for us to learn from.

Patriarchy fell.


Followed quickly by neo liberalism and capitalism and the machinery of war.

The pollution levels had become so high that investing in solar energy was made the highest priority and in fact that eventually made compulsory.  During those difficult years with rising pollution, only those who had access to bodysuits survived.

They then realised that the suits had reduced racism since no one could really see each other clearly. Everyone also had to learn and use sign language.

The gender neutral births started. Everyone was raised as Hu and allowed to choose to function as Testicular or Uterine gender depending on the body parts of course and assigned only if they really wanted it. Of course there were plans to maintain the ratio at 50:50 and also checked through professional cadres to ensure that there was no over or under representation in political, educational and other relevant social fields.

genderbread-person-3But it turned out that most Hu were fine without the labels and those interested in having a pregnancy or children were usually enough to keep the numbers stable.


Religion was declared a private matter and speaking about it in public was made illegal and punishable by imprisonment. It may seem absurd to those of us born after that era but a large amount of energy, time and resources, not to mention lives, had been sacrificed for thousands of years for the sake of religion. Mainly because of the differences in the choice of which invisible entity some people decided was the reason they existed.

Weird eh?!

Education was made free and compulsory.

Personal wealth was taken from the richest and re- distributed till every single person had enough to survive on.

It was only in 2050 that we finally re- started the practice of allowing individuals to earn an income based on the needs of the market, but only after everyone had been budgeted to received basic education, healthcare and minimum wages whether they could work and earn or not.

Politicians needed to be educated and qualified to run for office and held accountable for every promise they made.


Country borders were rendered meaningless by a system of rotation whereby every office bearing politician and their close family as well as every University professor, senior practising doctor, artist and film maker had to move to a randomly picked country every two years.

This helped ensure that all countries ensured an equitable infrastructure and education and social life.



The moon was colonized first and then the first planet beyond the solar system.

It is now 50 years since then and as a tribute to our ancient ancestors we will be performing the song summer of 69.

Please switch on your auropods if you would like to enjoy it and gather in the main quadrangle of your colony of you would like to enjoy some dancing!

Wishing all of you another 100 amazing ERAS (equal to 100 of the old Earth Revolution Around the Sun)  as we celebrate the first Hu Colony in Space.




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