The Year that was, on WordPress 2017

I have been writing off and on for some years now but thanks to WordPress and the ease with which I could set up a blog, I have been sharing my thoughts more easily.

This year in Jan I set myself a challenge to write a post every week. Now, in Dec, with only 2 weeks to go and 2 posts already lined up, I have fulfilled my challenge!

To celebrate with my readers –thank you all for your comments and feedback and words of encouragement (as well as the occasional pointing out of typos!)—here is a list of what I thought were the best posts of this year.

Best of Song Compilations      

  1. Jab Pyar Kiya toh Darna Kya: A tribute to Madhubala on her birthday, Valentine’s Day



  1. Gadi bula rahi hai ! A collection of songs in and around trains.


burning train 2

  1. Kahe koyal shor machaye re ? Songs from hindi movies, old and new that reference birds

Best of Satire

  1. Fed up of the fake news and the onslaught of pointless rhetoric, I advertise for the new Global School of Alternate Facts

  1. What is the limit of government interference in our personal lives ? The constant attempts to control procreation and termination of pregnancy led to this Creation of Pregnancy Act. Control kar sakoge?!

  1. When the world comes to an end we will all die buried under useless paperwork. The news of some office making raksha bandhan compulsory was the inspiration for this collection of memos from the beleaguered Mrs Pushpa- I- Hate- Tears, Secretary to CEO

  1. Acronyms do not an activist make. Seriously annoyed by the hokey MARD acronym, frustrated by the ganging up of men against women in every ‘he said she said’, this was an open letter in response to Farhan Akhtar’s open letter.


Best of Memories

  1. A tribute to my school Principal, who made the school what it was, and in large measure contributed to making me who I am
  3. Fondest of memories from my medical college and the happy golden years spent there!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 6.38.54 PM

Best of Creativity

  1. The inspiration for this was from our beloved Doctor Who. We are all just stories in the end, so make it a good one!

this is my dream

  1. The #metoo campaign seemed to have opened the floodgates. This post is my hope that the conspiracy of silence around sexual harassment having been taken down, maybe other kinds of injustice will also be numbered and we can be on the frontier of a whole new world


  1. This convoluted post came suddenly as a stream of words starting with con while playing word games in the airport baggage claim area ! It was a short jump to adding ‘kaun’ to the ‘con’ and here is a post I had the most fun putting together !

Best of Reflection

  1. While I totally oppose invoking nationalism as an excuse to war or to control the people within one’s own borders, there is something about our national anthem that always makes me sentimental. This is my reflection on the Indian and other national anthems.

  1. The Ramayan is one of the stories that most Indian know and it is woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness. I have always found it too pious and also hypocritical given that Ram is supposedly the ideal son, brother, King etc but his treatment of Sita leaves much to be desired. This post is a reflection on her life.

  1. Why do humans have a need to be followers? Why do we constantly need to have someone tell us what to do? Reflections brought on by the horrendous behaviour of Ram Raheem who spent years in raping and exploitation of women and girls in his ashram and then his followers rioting when he was found guilty.


  1. From being a noble calling to being beaten up by relatives of families, medical practise in India has come a long way….

Best of Ideology

  1. Gender is the one war that has been fought since the agricultural era of human society. Women have moved in to the public sphere and can go to medical college and vote. Such progress! But can they get paid equally for equal work?!

'Our standards are very high. We even have high double standards.'

  1. One of the subtle ways in which patriarchy exerts its controls is through the glorification of motherhood. How else do you get some to do a job that is boring, tiring, relentless, thanksless as well as unpaid ?!


  1. Another strike for gender equality—women can progress in public life only when men contrbute eqaully to the domestic sphere.
  2. Medicine has its roots in patriarchy and has been tangled in ethical transgressions from before the time that the doctors in Germany joined the Nazis. We must know our history to ensure that we do not repeat it!

witches midwives


Hope you enjoyed these! Thank you again for reading and I look forward to spending another year sharing my thoughts with you. Have a Happy New Year 2018!




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