The universe in the eye of a lizard

A lizard had fallen on the window of the car just outside the driver’s seat and it was staring him in the eye, from a distance of a couple of inches.

D: “Isn’t God amazing that he made the eye of the lizard exactly like ours but so tiny?!”

Me: “Well…’god’ made the lizard’s eye first and then we evolved…”

D: “Haan, woh bhi sahi hai….That is true. But you know that a lizard eats only insects and thus takes lives every day and is definitely going to be reborn same or lower life form……maybe even as the insect it eats. Chitragupta sits with his records of our good and bad deeds and decides where we should be re-born.”

Me: “Sure, but cows eat only grass and don’t all end up as humans. Not only that, they probably accidently eat lots of insects sitting on the grass too.” (Unless they are battery farmed, I thought to myself, in which case they probably get sheep blood pellets which eventually causes mad cow disease).

D: “Haan, woh bhi sahi hai….That is true. And human beings also sometimes have to kill. Like Arjuna on the battlefield. My neighbour and I were discussing the Mahabharat and he asked me what I would have done if I was Arjun. Standing on the Kurukshetra, facing all the Mahapurush like Bhishma, Dronacharya.”

Me: “Well, those ‘Mahapurush’ weren’t of much help when it came to saving Draupadi from being disrobed and insulted by Duryodhana and Dusshasana were they?? Not to mention her own brilliant husband who agreed to wage her in the game like she was an object that belonged to him.”

D: “Haan, woh bhi sahi hai…..”

Me: “She had five husbands and the only one she wanted to marry in her next life was Bhima because he was the only one who stood up for her. “

D: “Yes, true….But who can fight destiny?”

Me: “Mmmm……maybe humans? Isn’t that why we believe ourselves to be superior to other animals on this planet? And look what a mess we are making of it!”

D: “The other driver was saying that soon we will have robots managing things. Maybe humans will have more time to create relationships.”

Ha! I thought to myself. Humans are more likely to engage in even more conflict and horrors rising from boredom, lack of gainful unemployment and even more expensive and dangerous toys.

By this time we had reached our destination.

D: “Oh look madam, the lizard just jumped off. No escape from the re-birth cycle at least today…”




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