Mil gaye naina se naina

Oye kya baat ho gayi !


In tribute to the wink that has mesmerized the nation last week here are some lovely songs, old and new talking about eyes as the window to the soul and the expression of love.

Thank you Priya for distracting us from our daily messy and chaotic lives. Gau rakshaks, NiMo scam, Metro digging up all of Mumbai…………all forgotten by one delicious wink.

And here are some songs dedicated to the magic of such eyes !










While searching for the songs I remembered, I also found this other blogger’s post on a similar list but with very different songs !

Check it out here if you are interested


2 thoughts on “Mil gaye naina se naina

  1. Just came here via the pingback of the link to my blog and am so glad I stopped by. Loving your Marine Drive pictures and all the lovely songs. Wonder if there is a Bollywood wink song – can’t recall anything offhand. But here are a couple of songs for your aankhen/nigaahein collection:

    1. Aankhon aankhon mein hum tum from Mahal
    2. Humne dekhi hai un aankhon ki mehekti khushboo from Khamoshi
    3. Ankhiyaan milake jiya bharma ke from Ratan
    4. Hai unki woh nigaahein from Aakhri Dao

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