Wakanda, those women and just WOW!

black-panther-latitia-lupita-danai-angela-1(An unscheduled post to just alert everyone to the awesomeness that is Black Panther and to exhort everyone to see it in theatre in 3 D now !)

We saw Black Panther last night, after many months of restless anticipation ever since we had seen the trailer.

And we were blown away right from the opening scenes till the very end.



What a powerful story and what a kick- ass boost for women.

Of course the story revolves around a King but trust me, the women in this are more than equal in every way and the men treat them with utmost respect for their wisdom, their capacities and their power. The only romance is short, realistic and as a relationship negotiation among equals.

These women are all over the movie and the screen, looking insanely gorgeous with sculpted fighting fit bodies, being seen as inventors, rulers, spies, managers. And so witty! Their eye rolls, snarky asides and simple laughter was such a delight to hear!

The Queen Mother with white dreadlocks, the genius inventor who shows the finger as well as is madly funny, the spy with the focus on philanthropy, the best warrior in the kingdom who is willing to kill her lover when they find themselves on opposite sides of a righteous war— all these women seriously each need their own movie !


There are many other ’in’ jokes and comments that it has taken us till 2018 to bring to mainstream cinema—get out of my way colonizer?! Haha. And Martin Freeman as the token white person and the villain being the white person were touches of brilliance.

The country of Wakanda itself is breathtakingly beautiful and the women and the story is so engrossing that one almost doesn’t focus on the fact that it has been directed and edited so sharply.

My girls and I were so delighted with the movie I would have gladly bought a home theatre system right away and watched this movie in 3 D on a loop for hours….

What a wonderful world !

wakanda forever






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