The museum of extinction

In a generation or two some things we have seen as ‘normal’ or have taken for granted will be gone completely….

What do you think is going to be there? What do you hope will be there? What would you like to put there?

Here is a list to get you thinking 🙂

  1. The great white male/ any unquestioned authority


2. The obedient wife

3. The lifelong and / or monogamous marriage: Ashley Madison the dating service for married people whose motto was Life is short, have an affair, had a membership of 37 million people.


Tinder app is believed to be causing a ‘dating apocalypse’ while Indian parents continue to engage in the age old tradition of arranged marriages.


But as polyamory becomes more accepted and 2015 was the year that USA had more singles than married couple households, maybe the tide is turning.



4. The disciplined children

5. Violence: whether individual or state sponsored armed forces


6. Organized religion

question authority

7. Poverty

8. Corruption

9. Hungry children


10. Forced sex work


11. Clean air

nasal filter

12. Racism

13. Gender binaries



gender binary

14. Sexism

15. Patriarchy (you didn’t think I was going to make such a long list and leave this out did you?? I just kept it at the end to maintain the suspense :P)


So, what would you like to send there? And what do you think will end up there?
Let me know in the comments section !!




5 thoughts on “The museum of extinction

  1. Well said!!
    All of the above social constructs but also the human traits of unending craving after material things,
    Substance abuse,
    And most definitely
    The relentless onslaught of advertising
    For things superfluous beyond doubt like animal – tested beauty products, anti aging ‘miracles’,……
    Unnecessary drugs….

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