Jazzed up Bollywood songs

Here are my top ten awesome Bollywood songs with jazz elements.

(For details on how we got here please check out the blogpost just before this in the archives!)

  1. Of course the list starts with Madhubala 🙂


2. Have not seen this movie but love the song. Mallika Sherwat had also done a cute movie with Rahul Bose called Pyar ke Side Effects and then seems to have disappeared.


3. This lovely song is from the new Parineeta and Rekha looks dazzling !


4. Saathiya was a gem of a movie with very realistic characters, right from Rani Mukerjee as a medical student to her father who was loving but firm and AR Rahman’s fabulous music. This song is charming to look at and listen to.

5. Dev D which was Anurag Kashyap’s remake of Devdas needs an entire post to itself it was so mindblowing and radical and amazing ! Emotional Atyachar became very popular but this song and the context is equally breathtaking.


6. This song has one of the most insane sets and dances from that era. It’s like ‘planet of the apes’ people ( apes?) got hold of a large 3 D printer and all the colours in the world !!  There are so many Shammi Kapoor songs with jazz elements I think that explains why his dancing always seemed to be so freeform and un-choreographed ( probably un-choreographable in fact !)

7. This song is included because it is so manic and simply mad and please don’t miss the ‘kookoo’ yelling at regular intervals LOL

8. This song is from Talaash which was a psychological thriller starring Kareena and Aamir Khan. Do see it since it had a surprisingly deep and many layered storyline, but if that isn’t your thing , please most certainly check out Reema Kagti’s first directorial venture. A delightful rom- com kind of movie called Honeymoon Travels !


9. This is of course an old favourite of many generations


10. Difficult to choose only 10 but I am going to give Shammi Kapoor one more song here, just because he is so much fun to watch 🙂



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