A Museum of Tiny Things and the Really Big Things

Among one of the most fascinating museums I have had the fortune to visit (and I have been to the Museum of Sex in Manhattan, so you know, the standards are quite high here 🙂 haha) , is the Grant Museum which is part of the UCH in London.

museum of sex

The Grant Musuem is a relatively small space and filled with simply mad and odd objects! We loved the Micrarium which is full of the most elegantly preserved tiny things right next to the main display of a huge elephant skull. They also have some dodo bones and a quagga skeleton and a charmingly named Negus collection of Bisected Heads.

micra notice

micra 2

One shelf hold a jar of moles. Eww. And then there are the incredible dyed skeletons where the soft tissues have become transparent while the bones have been dyed red. It is creepy and fantastic.

clear animals

The other small things museum was the Museum of Folk Art in Albuquerque. It’s a large and beautifully laid out place and the reason I put it in this category is because folk art is seen as not so elite or high end. It is small stuff done by ‘ordinary’ small people. Maybe mothers whittling toys for the kids, men making a dolls house, patchwork wall hangings, that kind of stuff. ( More on the beautiful town of Albuquerque in some later post).

museum of folk art

creepy tea party



not same dolls


The Really Big things we saw at the Museum of Natural History were –Dinosaurs and War and Old World Cultures.


The Science Museum had a special section dedicated to the medical advances made during the two World Wars and here are some photos from that.

LSEAnd of course the famous war poet Siegfried Sassoon asks some very pertinent questions in his poem Does it Matter?

war museum

After being wounded in action, Sassoon wrote an open letter of protest to the war department, refusing to fight any more. “I believe that this War is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it,” he wrote in the letter.

war 33

war eyewar museum22

war34Unless war itself enters the museum of extinction I suppose this poem and statement will continue to resonate. https://thatwhichiam.wordpress.com/2018/04/14/the-museum-of-extinction/

In the meanwhile if you live in or visit a land of relative peace, do check out unusual museums ( like the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia!) and regular ones and reflect with gratitude on the fact that you can do so.


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