Oh to be in London!

Since it always takes me ages to upload and curate and post my travel photos, let me warn you that these photos are all the way from exactly a year ago ! I spent a few days in London, catching up with friends from the good old days of college ( better than being called old friends isn’t it :P) , and also spent a day in Oxford enjoying its beauty and history( apparently it survived the World War because Hitler had expressly asked for it to be un-touched since he planned to make it his capital ). Also, a town where Alice was written has to be the best isn’t it ?! ( But those photos will find their way out another day….)

So here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Let is start at the very beginning. The Buckingham Palace of course. ( Have written up a partial post on the recent royal wedding and that includes all my ravings about the Raj and Reparations, so I will spare you here !)

Buckingham Palace

Then take the Tube and explore the city.

charing crossDNAlondon mind the gap

Walk down charming streets and see signs of so many exciting and niche ‘universe -within -universe’ feel that any vibrant megapolis gives off.

london glimpse2

Tiny corners that seem to belong somewhere else altogether and somehow weave little threads of peace and charm into the bustling city life.

garden rose


One cannot stay in London and miss Broadway. This play is simply spectacular and we also managed to see one on the life of Louis Braille which was brilliant too.

Life of Galileo

Met up with friends at the Shard.

shard2london shard view

If you haven’t read Bill Bryson’s travel books, please do so urgently ! Notes from a Small Island and Down Under are both fabulous and hilarious ! Also of course, do read the Short History of Everything which is fifty shades of brilliant.

bill bryson

Stanford’s is my favourite bookshop in Covent Garden. It sells travel and related books and things. Exciting things you never knew you wanted , such as a folding hammock, a ‘spork’, a glow in the dark lanyard…..and tons of the most awesome books…I usually walk out empty handed from the sheer overwhelming choice of it all making it impossible to identify just The One that I want to take home with me. Sigh..


Watch some TV –Qi is an absolute favourite ! As is Midsomer Murders, University Challenge, praying for re-runs of Doctor Who……but its a shame to stay indoors in the lovely weather.



A walk down the Bank, with bubbles representing the ephemeral nature of life….


and a Poet Oracle waiting a few feet away from the Globe Theatre, offers to sell me or write me a poem for a pound. How can one refuse that offer ?!

poet laureate

So I go home with this, and that to me really is the essence of London !



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