Who let the girls out?

We are often told that your girlfriends are the ones who will lead you to sanity when the world gets too much with you. It’s one of the few true pieces of advice you will get in your life 🙂

So it was that three of us planned a girls’ weekend out to Albuquerque, New Mexico last year. ( yes it’s taken me more than a year to sort out the photos and plan this post haha. * resigned shrug* my life is too hectic )

New Mexico is fascinating because of the history of Mexico in general vis- a- vis USA.

A huge swathe of territory that is now considered part of USA and down which a ‘yuge’ wall is to be built was Mexican land. States of Texas, California, Arizona belonged to Mexico. These lands were home to many tribes of  indigenous people–Aztecs, Zapotec, Oaxaca, Apache Indians etc

There have been some serious efforts to protect the culture of the tribes and we were fortunate to be able to visit some very well maintained, well planned and curated museums while we were there. One was the Pueblo Culture Centre and one was the International Museum of Folk Art.

My friend also introduced me to Tony Hillerman who writes murder mysteries set in the settlements. I was shocked to learn that the US police and courts have no jurisdiction inside these protectorates! There is a population of native people who are basically running their own government inside the US. I genuinely don’t know whether it is a truly great democracy that can allow it or a truly horrible situation where the people who settled the land are in isolation cells within a larger system.

The weather was fabulous, the trees and architecture completely unlike anything one sees in the usual big cities.

We loved it so much we seriously had a discussion about planning a retirement home there !

So, here is a photo album from our travels.adobe 2adobe 3

purple flowers

white treess

Of course we found a desi eatery and had khichdi with ghee 🙂


museum entrance

amulets samplesamuletsarmoursbig dolls


heaven and earth


The sky makes for such a lovely backdrop that even a car park can look charming !

car parkcharmingcow skull

There were some well maintained museums explaining the  native culture.






until we meet again

Phir milenge , chalte chalte!


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