All roads lead to Goa.

For anyone in India and even for many non- Indians, Goa is the ultimate holiday destination. Whether it is a weekend trip backpacking, or a long writers’ retreat or a lazy gap month learning how to cook or just being a beach bum, or a family holiday with kids swimming till they turn nut brown and wrinkled like little walnuts on legs, Goa simply has everything you can want !

Somehow I have been lucky enough to go to Goa as many as four times in the last one year and here are some photos from a few hatke things we did. Those who go there for dum maro dum may not find these as interesting but here is some fun we had with a clear mind and during daylight hours 🙂


Palacio de Deao is a must visit. I is a lovingly restored Portuguese mansion and that in itself is worth a visit but the lady of the house also cooks the most incredible genuine Portuguese/ Goan recipes for a feast that is just delicious.

palacio de deo






The locked room mystery is now available in Goa and we had the most fabulous time trying to escape an axe murder in a cabin in the woods, trying to defuse a bomb in a theatre and other hair raising adventures.

locked room

We went to the local market which had lovely fresh vegetables at half the price and double the size as n Mumbai.




veg markets

veg market


We visited the Museum of Goa which had some very interesting installations.

museum of goa



Two of my all -time favourite movies have been shot in Goa—Kahi Haan Kabhi Na and Honeymoon Travels ! The others include Finding Fanny, Dil Chahta Hai, Love Wrinkle Free, all of which manage to capture that carefree, chilled out, everything is going to end up happily ever after vibe that Goa brings.

Do watch them all and go ahead, book your tickets now! Goa is good in any season !best food





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