Things that keep me awake at night

How does Kumar Gaurav earn a living? Or for that matter Fardeen Khan.

When they cast someone who is obviously meant to be the ugly or scary looking person in the movie/ TV show how does that conversation go with the agent?

Why is it that at the airport baggage carousel there are usually a 100 people standing around looking weary and annoyed while there are 100 bags doing the rounds and somehow NONE belong to those who are waiting? I think this is the same divine force that deals with the single abandoned shoe. The god of small and annoying things.


If we make organized religion illegal will humans find beautiful things to do with their spare time or will we just imagine up some other way to muck up our collective existence?

When we rejected the British and their ongoing existence in our country, why did we keep the ties? They are pointless, slow strangling bits of cloth that serve no purpose except to make Indian men even more sweaty.


What exactly are the security guards hoping to find when they open the glove compartment to my car? A loaded gun with the safety off? A water bottle? (no sorry, that is dangerous only in airports) Or even when they check the boot. There was one occasion when we had a child’s portable potty, my husband’s decidedly dangerous looking orthopaedic implants, a metal tiffin, two bags filled with random stuff like shoes and clothes and a square weighing scale made of glass. The guard cast an impassive eye on all this and waved us ahead. We could have used any of those to start at least a half decent riot even if not an actual takeover.

I am really not sure how safe we are in our malls anymore.

Airport Security Inspection

Who decided that there was a readership for stuff that Vir Sanghvi wanders around the world eating?? I mean, seriously. He goes to seven star places, definitely not at his own expense, eats all kinds of macro molecular gourmet nitrogen cooled triple whipped gold tissue decorated and such stuff, then complains about how the rude food in the streets of Old Delhi is better and someone pays him to do that and also give 2-3 colour pages for it in the weekly magazine. No, I don’t get it.

Is flavoured isabgol the food of the future? It’s a win-win. Tongue needs flavour, stomach needs fullness, no one wants the extra calories. So maybe Threptin protein biscuits (which are the worst tasting thing on this planet second only to Marmite but still, a source of protein more palatable than insects perhaps….) and a variety of isabgol flavours. I think it’s a Nobel prize winning idea.

Maybe I should tweet it to Elon Musk so it will help the mission to Mars. Then again it means I would have to get a Twitter handle. Sigh. Too much work.

Let them eat cake.

What is the story behind the one shoe we see by the highway? What happened to the other one? Sometimes these are on roads where there is absolutely nothing for miles on end. Is it evidence of a violent kidnapping? Alien abduction?

Is it a one legged person who bought a pair and figured they don’t need the other one?


Would I transfer my consciousness into a robot if I could? Depends. Would that mean immortality of a kind? Would there be ongoing interactions via the robot? Like new experiences? Chatting with like-minded (haha) robots? If that consciousness is going to create new memories and new experiences then is it still me? Ship of Theseus and all that. If it is not me then why would want to continue like that? For whose benefit? When would one pull the plug on that me eventually?

Who will decide who gets a stab at immortality? Politicians? Rich people? You see sense why that is already a bad idea….

Are humans aware of the exact moment that they fall asleep, because that would be so….zzzzz


One thought on “Things that keep me awake at night

  1. What I find scary is the security check at hotels. They make all cars open the boot. Since it’s a hotel, most guests have luggage in the boot. So if there is a bomb in a bag, how will they know? They do X-ray the bags at the entrance but what if someone blows it up at the entrance? What do they expect to find when they open the boot?
    I’ve seen a sniffer dog at the Four Seasons at Worli check the car, that makes sense. But not elsewhere

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