Madhubala -The Queen of Hearts

Those of you who have been following this blog regularly will recognize this post from last year 🙂 But honestly, if Valentine’s Day is the birthday anniversary of the most beautiful and lovely woman from Bollywood, then why not celebrate it by remembering her? 

Last year everyone’s favourite RSS has suddenly declared themselves in favour of Valentine’s Day, stating that if young men and women don’t fall in love then how will they marry and then how will society progress. Right.

Society has been progressing based on a legal and social institution created by patriarchy within the confines of heteronormativity and where monogamy is compulsory mostly only for the women involved.  * slow clapping*


Let me clarify that we are not against love. We have a problem with the obscene display happening in the name of love during days like Valentine’s Day… have you seen the cards that youth exchange during Valentine’s Day? They show couples kissing. Is that our culture? Is it how we should be celebrating love?” Jwalit Mehta, Bajrang Dal Ahmedabad president told DNA

I think he is right. Maybe we should celebrate Kamasutra Day instead. Maybe they can block Rajpath with the same dhurries they use for Yoga Day and we should do an internationally televised display of Kamasutra positions in order to reclaim our culture from the evil Western influence.

I can see the TRP rating for this going stratospheric.

Of course not all romantic relationships are sexual and vice versa. Sexuality is a vast spectrum and there is increasing recognition for the asexual minority who do feel love but have no sexual desires.

Of course there are the aromantic, the pansexual, the demisexual and the sapiosexual.

Labels and definitions and concepts aside, even the most aromantic would surely hum along to these  impossibley romantic and fun songs from Madhubala’s films. Enjoy !

  1. With Dev Anand

2. With Guru Dutt

3. With Kishore Kumar

4. With Ashok Kumar

5. With Dilip Kumar

And the last one to keep you humming all day


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